where i want to go

driving in my old blue car heading down the highway
i can feel the freedom inside me
my sorrows are behind me i smell the summer in the air
and i need no place to hide

he promised me with golden words "i will stay with you again"
but he is born to run
i never saw these eyes of blue this smile of thousand lonely dreams
but then i realized

he's a fake
he's a liar
he's the man that cuts your heart with fire

i can touch
i can feel
i can see
i can hear
i am free and i can go where i want to
for today
for tonight
for the stars shine so bright
can you here me wherever you are?

i was born to play the blues to loose a game i didn't choose
i cant deny it s my fault
you treat me like a dog today a nasty game is what you play
i can't trust you anymore

i hate you more than i can say you bring the troubles on your way
your heart is made out of stone
your eyes are wrong your smile is ice your hands are cold your teeth are nice
but now i realized