looks like a woman

i can tell you a story now
a story that will never end
man and woman on the earth
both the same and not the same

can you imagine the power of love
can you feel the way it goes
are you not surprised, it starts with love
and in the end we are divorced

we can try to find a new way out of misery
can you judge me without anger we are both not free

looks like a woman
a little devil with blue eyes
looks like a woman
steals your heart and you're surprised
looks like a woman
be careful she's behind your neck
looks like a woman
when she leaves you're a wreck

i'm so sad i feel so blue
i can't go on this way
i see no light at the end of the dark
you break my heart in two

can you remember, we laughed in the rain
were running without any clue
now you leaving, treat me like a fool
our world is hell and pain