please settle down
and listen to my words
don't mess around, play like a fool
don't treat me that way

it's much too much my back's against the wall
i cannot face your lies again
don't tell me now you will change your mind
it's too late for a second game

i wonder why so many times
you've packed your bags to leave
but the very next day you're still hanging around
i think that's pretty weird

come on, come on it's over
life doesn't give you any change
come on, come on it's over
this is the end of our little romance

now you're back
and you grieve like a child
you promised me heaven and just gave me hell
i was under lock and key

that's over now i found someone new
i play no longer master and slave
please walk out that door and come back no more
you're like a dog without a bone