the sun

hold on little darling
you take the sorrows away from me
will you help me through a world of clouds?
i feel good
you're my light deep in the woods
i cannot sleep when you drive too fast

we dig for gold up in alaska
we drive by car down to l.a.
we love each other with smiles on our faces
i feel fine
because the sun and you are mine
and nobody cares, i'm just blind

i feel the sun tonight
you see i'm just alright
i'm laying in your arms, i feel your heart is near mine
i'm dreaming away to the stars

i cannot see your face
but i can feel your heart
it's like the summer sun on my skin
love me tight
in the dark we're both alright
you can't see, just feel the sweat on my skin

hold me – i'm cold
the world doesn't understand
i cannot see, but i feel free
to take you by the hand