squeeze me

i'm ready baby – i'm going to the top
don't wanna loose my time
come on honey let's run without a stop
just before the river runs dry

we search for good times – we never had the bad
come on and spread your wings
let's fly together to the sun of love
we flee from our misery
we flee from our misery

squeeze me, please me
don't turn your back to me
squeeze me, tease me
please hold me i can see
kiss me, love me
don't loose your time with me
strike me, touch me
i feel you're freezin' me
my little stars – i can fight so many wars
what can i do

we laugh together – please stay another night
i feel the same for you
we have each other and that's enough for me
come on and let me feel your love

i feel so good – i never change that way
i'm on the roof of my house
i counted the days – before you came to me
now we are ready to burn
now we are ready to burn