mr. dreamseller

it's late and the moon shines bright
silver stars all over the sky
the air smells like a sweet little child
and i don't, don't know why

the evening still grows like a tree in the spring
and midnight comes without any dreams
the candle still burns with the fire of desire
and i don't, don't know why

every night when the fever grows
i'm living in the land of the blues
please, mr. dreamseller
gimme, gimme, gimme any news

gimme your sweet stuff gimme your dreams
it's not allowed to step back
something in my mind is ready to explode
and i don't, don't know why

i'm sick, insane, i'm really quite nuts
don't you know I'm so bad
nobody likes me nobody cares about
and i don't, don't know why

don't dance with the devils tonight (with the devils tonight)
don't try to fool them and the game is alright (it's alright)