i miss you

well, i remember several years ago
a boy asked me for my name
he had green eyes and brown hair too
we where ready to start a game

we laughed in the rain we jumped in the clouds
and everything was okay
i don't know what was wrong that time
he left me after a day

i miss you, i miss you so much
i can't go on this way
come back, come back and stay
that's all i have to say

you can push me up, you can carry me home
i'm so far away
you can cry and yell through a dark grey night
i'm so far away
gimme your fever, gimme your heart
gimme all what you've got
i'm so far away

wherever your are wherever you go
well, i remember your smile
i've got you deep in my heart and my soul
because you had your own style

we cannot laugh in the rain
we cannot jump into the clouds
i don't know what is wrong today
my head is full of pain