i was living like a fool
caught every blossom and broke every rule
now you slam the door, it seems too late for me
you're just so right, i cannot disagree

i'm on my trail heading down the drain
i feel so sorry for all that pain
have no excuse for all i've done
was just a darling for everyone

i can't go my way alone
can i call you right now at home?

i wanna come home
i wanna come back
just miss your smile
and the kiss on my neck
there is a reason for me
and a reason for you
i wanna come home
because i love you

i'll try to change my way of life
your words cut my heart like a knife
i'm down on my knees, try to understand
please, i need a helping hand

i cannot believe my time runs out
gimme a break, that's what it s all about
don't close the door i won't cheat you anymore
forget all my lies, my mistakes before