i'm livin' in your wet dreams
i'm crawlin' in your blood
i'm dancin' on the table
i think you're really hot

i'm sneakin' round your sweet heart
i shake you through your bones
my daddy's like desire
and my mama rolls the stones

(nice to see you)
i'll meet you again
(are you ready for the show?)
i'm ready for the game
(fine to find you)
d'you wanna be my man?
(are you ready for the music?)
i'm ready for the game

i'm alice (she's alice)
i'm the bad bad girl right out of your dreams
i'm alice (she's alice)
i'm your sweet sensation and make you scream

c'mon little boys
gimme all your toys
i'm the bad bad girl
and i'll bring you all that noise

don't wanna be a good girl
don't wanna be a friend
i wanna be your hot dream
i wanna be your scream