not my desire

lyrics monika schär
music Charlie Midnite

every woman turns to you
wherever you walk in
they say you'd have that kinda something
and you'd be worth a sin

your body is breathtakin'
they love your deep blue eyes
your parfumed smell drives all female crazy
but you're not more than a silly ass

don't come to me - you're not even worth a dime
you're not my size, not my style, you know it's wasted time

you are not my desire
good looking, man, but that's not enough for me
you'll never light my fire
my heart is not a place where you can be

every Friday night the same game
you try to get me into your bed
don't you realize, something is missing, baby
there's a big whole in your head

you know, muscles are not my favourites
and lovers are easy to find
I need more than a man for just one night
and you are not that kind