I am me

lyrics monika schär//music charlie midnite

you say you like my style
but you try to change it all the time
I don't know, what you think
is wrong with this life of mine

d'you need a petty puppet
that smiles and just looks nice?
your friends should get jealous
but I'm the devil in disguise

I am not supposed to be your fantasy
hey, this is me!

what do you want me to do
what do you want me to be
I am, I am me
what do you want me to say
what do you want me to see
I am, I am me
I'll always be, always be me

don't ever try to crack me
'cause I'm the stronger one
it doesn't cost me a thing
one more word and I'll be gone

I don’t intend to change myself
for you or any other man
just accept that this is me
I won't give up my life's plan